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Eloise Blue Topaz Ring

Eloise Blue Topaz Ring

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The center of the Eloise Blue Topaz Ring lies a mesmerizing iridescent stone, shimmering with a myriad of colors, capturing the eye with its enchanting play of light. Adorning the sides of this captivating center stone are two serene blue topaz stones, their tranquil blue hues adding elegance. The warm tones of the yellow gold band complement the stones beautifully, creating a harmonious and eye-catching piece of jewelry. This ring is sure to be a conversation started and cherished addition to any collection. 

10K yellow gold
Two oval blue topaz stones surrounding an iridescent center-oval stone
Size 6*

*Made of the precious metal gold and may be resized by a professional jeweler
*Rings shown in group photo are sold separate 

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